Scenic beauty evaluation of landscape open space unit morphology

Thank you for participating in this survey! The survey included a total of 35 panoramic photos of the landscape open space unit. Please evaluate the scenic beauty of each panoramic photo based on its spatial morphology. Rating score and it's meaning:
1:very poor---------------7: very beautiful

All photos can be swung up, down, left, and right for panoramic viewing, with a rating option attached to each photo. Due to a large number of panoramas and webpage restrictions, the survey is divided into three parts. In addition to the respondent information, this page contains 16 panoramic photos. After all the scores are rated, click the “submit” at the bottom of the article and the web page will automatically go to the next 16 panoramic photos. Similarly, finish the second pages, click the “submit” to go to the last 3 panoramas. After all the 35 units answers are completed, you need to click the last "submit" again to confirm the submission.

Image loading requires your patience, thank you for your cooperation!

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14. Unit 11
15. Unit 12
16. Unit 13
17. Unit 14
18. Unit 15
19. Unit 16
20. Unit17

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